Get lost in the wonderful world of NumBots with our series of exciting, motivating, and uplifting audio stories. Each story incorporates a different growth mindset which children can apply to to maths, as well as all areas of learning and life.


Kitty and the Camera

A story about teamwork and the importance of asking for help.
Magical objects are always appearing in the scrapheap. But when Kitty finds something mysterious, she faces a problem and she needs her friends’ help…

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Ninja and the Dance Show

A story about taking risks and overcoming fears.
When the entries for the Scrapheap’s dance show open, Ninja is desperate to sign up. Will he overcome his fear and perform in front of his friends?

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Unicorn and the Big Race

A story about the importance of practising little and often.
The biggest race in the scrapheap is taking place and Unicorn wants to do the best she can…but with strong competition, she needs to find a way to practise…

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