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"You're a Diamond" Poster

Colour in and write a special message to your teacher for Thank A Teacher Day

Adding 1 within 10

Uses images of ten-boards, beadstrings, ten-frames and sticks to help develop fluency in adding 1 on to numbers from 0 to 9.

Adding by making 10

Uses images of ten-frames and sticks to help develop fluency in adding by making 10 first.

Adding two digit numbers

Uses images of ten-boards, sticks, bar models and number cherries to help develop fluency in adding pairs of 2-digit numbers.

Addition of Multiples of 10

Add 2-digit numbers onto multiples of 10 using supporting imagery.

Addition with Coins

Adding small numbers of coins with opportunities to spot and discuss smart methods.

Christmas Colouring Sheets

Colour in our Christmas elf and Santa!

Colour by Numbers pack

Colour the squares to reveal the picture!

Face Masks

Cut out a face mask and dress up as your favourite Bot!

Fact Families

Trios of numbers can be arranged in different ways to make “families” of addition and subtraction facts.