Can I pay by invoice?

Yes – on the billing form you’ll have the choice between credit card and invoice.

I already have Times Tables Rock Stars, can I get a pro-rated cost for NumBots so the expiry dates line up?

Yes – on the purchase page, you can calculate the pro-rata cost for NumBots

What happens if we can't pay the invoice before the trial ends?

No problem. Please aim to pay the invoice by the due date even if that’s after the trial has ended and the subscription has begun.

When does the subscription start?

If you’re a new customer it begins immediately. If you’re on a trial or in the middle of a subscription, it will begin when your trial or current subscription ends.

Can I enter a purchase order number?

Yes, if you wish but it’s not mandatory. There’s space on the billing form for you to enter the PO number if you opt to pay by invoice.

Will I have to re-upload pupils that I setup for the trial if I subscribe?

No, as long as the school subscribes within 12 weeks of the trial expiring. If your trial expired over 12 weeks ago pupil data will have been deleted so you will have to re-upload them.

Are we limited to the number of pupils we can upload?

You can upload as many teachers and pupils as you wish.

Can I add a bolt-on (Times Tables Rock Stars only) to my subscription after purchasing?

Yes, each bolt-on is priced at 0.10 GBP per day so you will simply get charged according to the number of days you have remaining on your subscription at the time. To find out how many days that is please login and go to:

Account > Subscriptions

Can my school subscribe even if it's not in the UK?

Yes, of course. We have hundreds of schools around the world using our platform. Times tables, after all, are important to every maths learner no matter where you live.

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