Our Goal

For pupils to use efficient mental calculation strategies to add and subtract two-digit numbers, so that they can leave counting on their fingers behind!



NumBots equips each pupil with the set of core maths skills they require by building their knowledge from the ground up - starting at the very beginning with subitising.

Once pupils can recognise small quantities of objects (“counting-without-counting”), they are asked to subitise two groups, presented together. The deliberate use of previous arrangements helps introduce the idea of numbers being partitioned, laying the foundation for number bonds.

Familiar pictorial representations (including bar models and cherries) raise the difficulty of questions without affecting pupils’ confidence. Pupils begin to explore abstract number problems within 10, and practice automating their responses to “one/two more/less than...” questions.

This natural mathematical progression from one concept to the next ensures pupils are fully prepared to move on, from adding and subtracting within 10, to bridging 10, to finally answering questions involving two-digit numbers. Number lines and hundred squares are then used to explain more sophisticated addition and subtraction strategies, such as partitioning and compensation.


Instant recall of key number facts must be built on a secure and genuine mathematical understanding in order for pupils to move forward and solve increasingly complex problems.

Our Story Mode is designed to develop pupils’ understanding of the relationship between different numbers and concepts, such as partitioning and the part-whole model. NumBots’ deliberate teaching-for-mastery approach has led to carefully sequenced and varied levels that ensure pupils fully grasp each essential new skill. As a result of methodically layering up the complexity, pupils maintain maths confidence and are primed to learn the next concept.

As well as cementing their understanding, pupils’ recall is also significantly boosted. While Story Mode is underpinned by best practice in memory formation - i.e. short, spaced practice sessions on interleaved material - the quick-fire questions and low-stakes quizzing in Challenge Mode enhances pupils’ retrieval of number bonds and addition and subtraction facts and improves the efficiency of their mental strategies.


Examples of Question Types


How it works

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Subscribe today or begin a four-week free trial for your whole school.

During the registration process, our system will recognise if your school already uses TT Rock Stars, meaning that users can login with the same details.

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Invite colleagues to join the school's Maths Circle account and easily generate log in details for each pupil by uploading a single spreadsheet via out Pupil Uploader.

School using TT Rock Stars will have their classes set up already.

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When they initially log in, pupils choose their own Bot before launching into 'Story' and 'Challenge' modes, where our algorithm takes care of their learning.

For most effective practice, we suggest playing for at leat 3 minutes a day, 4 or 5 times a week - at home or at school.

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Statistics enable teachers to keep track of pupils' progress and usage across the school, whilst printable leaderboards and auto-populated certificates allow you to recognise and celebrate pupils' achievements in school.


Packed full of features

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  • GDPR compliant
  • Unlimited users
  • User friendly admin area
  • Integrates with TT Rock Stars
  • Pupil data and tracking*
  • Self-marking
  • Automatic training mode
  • Additional resources*
  • Home and school use
  • Mobile, tablet and website
*Includes display packs, auto-populated certificates, parent letters, training materials and powerpoints