Welcome to your NumBots Trial!

During your trial we want you to witness every pupil achieving the “triple win” of understanding, recall and fluency in mental addition and subtraction, so that they move from counting to calculating.

Whether you’re using your trial to support maths intervention or grow maths mastery across your entire class – we hope you have an incredible trial experience!


Getting started

Find everything you need to hit the ground running with NumBots!


Click the link in the email we sent you to set your password , then log in using your email address and password. Once you’ve done that you’ll be taken to the NumBots Dashboard, which will look quite empty for now.


Click Play, in the header bar, to try out the NumBots programme for yourself! (As a teacher you’ll find all the levels unlocked from the start, whereas children will work through them from the beginning, unlocking one level at a time.)


Go to Account > Teachers to add colleagues if they would also like to try out NumBots. If your colleagues already have TTRS accounts they can log in using the same details. If not, go to Account > Teachers and click on the ‘Add Teacher’ button and fill in the requested information. A short email will be sent to their email address with a link for them to click on. That’s all there is to it!


Go to Account > Classes to add classes of pupils. If your pupils already have TTRS accounts they can log in using the same details.


Download username labels containing each pupil’s log in details; print out and cut them up, ready to hand out to the individual pupils.


Install NumBots app on pupils’ devices (if they will be using tablets to play) or bookmark the NumBots web address on their computers, to save time logging in.


Want to tell your colleagues about NumBots too?

Start by sharing this video with your colleagues where teachers from Swallowfield Primary School talk about the impact they’ve seen using NumBots in their school. If your colleagues want in on the NumBots action, add them to your school NumBots account (see ‘Getting started – above’).


Here come the NumBots!

Use our exciting launch video to introduce NumBots to your pupils!


Practising NumBots at home

Download free letters for parents/carers to share useful information about using NumBots at home including their child’s logins.


NumBots Pro Tips

Try these tips for getting the most out of NumBots

Pro Tip 1

Identify pupils’ strengths and weaknesses

NumBots’ Teacher Reports provide powerful formative analysis. Find out which pupils are underplaying, struggling to pass a level or nailing things in the ‘Stats’ section of your dashboard. Our teacher reports push this information to the front so you only need to dip in for 5-10 minutes per week. Quick and easy to inform your planning and resourcing. 

Teacher Reports are split into 4 areas of tracking progress – here’s a quick breakdown of how each area works.

Pro Tip 3

Relax time constraints for pupils who require extra support

There will be individual pupils for whom the time constraints required to pass a Story level are demonstrably too tough for them. In those one or two cases, having considered other options such as gentle encouragement, offline help from a grown-up, etc., the most sensible way forward is to relax the time constraints somewhat for them. 

You can easily give certain pupils two or three times longer to answer each question by going to the Story Controls page and moving the pupils’ name tags into a group then setting that group on “2× longer” or “3× longer”.

Find out more about our different ‘Accessibility options’  in NumBots.

Pro Tip 2

Skip early levels
in Story Mode

We think it’s best for all pupils to start at the very beginning of Story Mode on Rust Level 1. Working their way through the stages consecutively will reaffirm the foundations of maths and help pupils to notice patterns and similarities between easier and more difficult questions. Pupils will also receive rewards and unlock certain features at the optimum time to be most motivational. However, there may be times you want to turn off a maths topic if you are confident pupils are fluent in that skill.

  • In your teacher account, go to ‘Story Controls’, then select the name of your maths class in the menu on the left.
  • Click the green “Select maths topics” button in the first container, to turn off some levels for pupils in the Main Group.
  • In the pop-up that appears, you’ll notice all six categories are set to ON by default. This means that the pupils currently have access to all of Story Mode’s levels. Click on the toggle switches to turn off the topics you do not want the pupils to practise. Then click “Save”.
  • (Optional*) If you’d like to set some children in the class different topics to their classmates, drag their names down into the container below, and set the maths topics for that group of pupils by clicking “Select maths topics” in that container.

Note: Please ask the children to log out and log back in in order for the changes to take effect.


Take a screen break with NumBots worksheets

Visit our ‘Downloads’ section for a range of awesome NumBots worksheets, including addition and subtraction activities and a fantastic NumBots certificate that pupils can colour in themselves.


Next steps – beyond your trial

You’ve loved using NumBots over the last few weeks and you don’t want it to end (we don’t blame you)! Purchasing a NumBots subscription is quick and easy – you’ve already created your account so there’s no disruption to using the platform.


How much does NumBots cost?







If your school has an active Times Tables Rock Stars subscription, you're eligible for a discount! Please answer YES or NO to the previous question.


£10.95 PER YEAR


if you do, please select from the below options


*Belonging to the same school. **VAT not included.


Can I pay by invoice?

Yes – on the billing form you’ll have the choice between credit card and invoice.

I already have Times Tables Rock Stars, can I get a pro-rated cost for NumBots so the expiry dates line up?

Yes – on the purchase page, you can calculate the pro-rata cost for NumBots

What happens if we can't pay the invoice before the trial ends?

No problem. Please aim to pay the invoice by the due date even if that’s after the trial has ended and the subscription has begun.

When does the subscription start?

If you’re a new customer it begins immediately. If you’re on a trial or in the middle of a subscription, it will begin when your trial or current subscription ends.

Can I enter a purchase order number?

Yes, if you wish but it’s not mandatory. There’s space on the billing form for you to enter the PO number if you opt to pay by invoice.

Will I have to re-upload pupils that I setup for the trial if I subscribe?

No, as long as the school subscribes within 12 weeks of the trial expiring. If your trial expired over 12 weeks ago pupil data will have been deleted so you will have to re-upload them.

Are we limited to the number of pupils we can upload?

You can upload as many teachers and pupils as you wish.

Can I add a bolt-on (Times Tables Rock Stars only) to my subscription after purchasing?

Yes, each bolt-on has a daily price so you will simply get charged according to the number of days you have remaining on your subscription at the time. To find out how many days that is please login and go to:

Account > Subscriptions

Can my school subscribe even if it's not in the UK?

Yes, of course. We have hundreds of schools around the world using our platform. Basic maths, after all, is important to every learner no matter where you live.