NumBots at Home

So far, our case studies have been set in the classroom with a group of fabulous teachers. What we have learned from them has been invaluable and also very uplifting! But now the time has come to take a case study straight into the home of a parent…

Caroline Stringer, whose son Harley has recently completed the Diamond Stage (in just seven months!), has provided us with an insight into how the programme has impacted upon Harley’s mathematical development.


Whether Harley was engaged in NumBots was not even a question! In Caroline’s words, he is ‘hooked’! What captured Harley’s interest the most appeared to be the ability to customise his bot through collecting coins.

Children receive coins for every correct answer they provide, which they are then able to spend in the Custom Shack. Here, they can personalise their bot with different parts from a selection of themed robots; from Llamas, to Gumballs, to DJs – the Custom Shack is very popular. After the progress he has made, we are sure he has many coins to spend!

He has been hooked! Harley wasn't interested in the tablet before numbots

Caroline Stringer

Some of Harley’s bot designs – straight from the Custom Shack!

Educational Impact

The primary aim of both our platforms is simply to facilitate the development of children’s mathematic ability. So, to hear from Caroline that Harley is now working at a greater depth since playing NumBots, we think that is high-five worthy at Maths Circle HQ!

Harley has improved in maths through year 1 at school going from expected level to working at greater depth.

Caroline Stringer

Harley and his certificate collection! He has only been playing since February 2021!


Keeping children safe on our platforms is paramount to us. We go to great lengths to ensure they are protected; we offer a child-friendly privacy notice, no chat facilities, adverts or in-app purchases. Furthermore, children have strict anonymity, instead playing under ‘bot names’.


Caroline also identified this crucial element of the game, indicating that she “never felt that NumBots was an unsafe app for Harley to use independently”.

Setting Up

For parents whose children have an account through their school, it is a piece of cake to manage.

Children are given their own unique login details which they can use to log into any device via its web browser or the app (using a child-friendly pin), which is free to download. This gives children the ability to switch between devices and easily access NumBots at home, at school or on-the-go, whichever devices are available to them.

The programme has been specifically designed for primary school aged children to use. Caroline told us that Harley, a Year 1 pupil, was confident in using it independently, and will often play whilst his parents work! 

And for parents or carers whose children have a family account…it is also a piece of cake to manage!

After downloading the app or signing up on a browser, parents or carers are simply required to register their details, and they are live! Up to three children can play on one family account.

Although it doesn’t have to be completely hands-off! Parents or carers can access ‘Today’s Data’, which provides daily and weekly stats on: Minutes Played, Coins Collected, and Levels Unlocked.

Help articles are also available on the website:

Practise makes perfect…

…and the practise pays off! 

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