3 Top Tips for Maintaining Engagement Over The School Break

While we all look forward to the end of term, we’re acutely aware of the learning loss that occurs over a school break. The decline in pupils’ number skills is even more significant than in other subjects, such as reading, which families often find easier to practise at home.

NumBots enables pupils to practise maths regularly, in a way that is self-led, fun and – crucially – isn’t reliant on parents having high maths confidence in order to support their child’s learning. By playing NumBots little and often, pupils won’t regress at core maths skills.

So here are our 3 top tips to boost NumBots engagement over the school break:

1. Set an (achievable) Activity Goal

By equipping children with a platform like NumBots – which makes it easy and enjoyable to do maths at home – even homework averse families should keep on track with regular maths practice.

Use “Activity Goals” to set how long you expect pupils to play for. We suggest 12 minutes per week, as families are more likely to engage if the time set sounds achievable.

2. Encourage families to install the mobile app on all their devices

Whether staying at home, visiting family, or going to the beach, pupils can play NumBots anywhere in the world, via the mobile app – which is free to install on as many devices as you like.

As well as downloading it onto their children’s tablet, encourage parents to install the NumBots app on their own smartphones, so their children can play whenever the mood strikes!

Simply download the NumBots app from the device’s app store.

3. Show pupils how to download their own stage certificates

During term time, pupils are motivated by the certificates you reward for completing stages in Story Mode.

Make sure your pupils know how to download the stage certificates themselves, at home, so they can keep collecting them over the school break:

    1. Go to “Badges”.
    2. Click on the completed stage’s badge.
    3. Click “Download Certificate”.


Tell your pupils to set their sights on earning a bronze, silver or gold trophy in Challenge Mode. For example, “earn a silver trophy on all the subitising Challenges” or “a bronze trophy on the Number Bonds to 10 Challenge”.

Motivated by the trophies, they will then explore the rest of the platform.

(Maybe even promise a prize for those who achieve a trophy when they return to school!?)