3 Top Tips for Staying Safe On NumBots

At Maths Circle our absolute priority is to keep your children safe. We have no chat functions, no in-game purchases and no adverts. It is important to us to keep your data secure and protected. We are GDPR and ICO Age Appropriate Design Code compliant and are also Cyber Essentials Plus certified. Show your children our “child-friendly” Privacy Notice (found here) and talk to them about the importance of keeping personal data safe.

1. Unique Passwords

Make sure each child is set their own unique password that is not easy for other children to guess. You can use animal pins for the younger children who may struggle to remember. Sounds obvious, but in school DON’T use the same password for all your children and DON’T display passwords on the class noticeboard. Use our auto-populated username labels and parent letters to easily and safely share login details with parents/carers.

2. Log Out

Always remind your children to log out after playing NumBots.

3. Talk About It

If your child is “hacked” by another child who logs into their account and spends their coins on unwanted robot purchases – use this as an opportunity to talk to the children about the importance of keeping passwords secret, even from friends.

Tell them that it is not cool to log in to someone else’s account and remind them not to share their passwords or leave them visible on their desk. The good news is that in NumBots, teachers can refund the purchases made (in Settings & Admin > Avatar Refunds), so better to learn that key lesson here than in real life which could be more costly!