Behind the Making of the NumBots Audio Stories

Audio Stories? From a Maths Company?

We noticed that when learning maths, many children are held back by a lack of healthy attitudes towards making mistakes, teamwork and practice. In other words, lacking a mindset that’s fit for learning.

We know that one of the best ways to reach children is through adventure and story, allowing their imaginations to soar! So we decided to communicate this set of important messages through audio stories, told by the central characters from the NumBots platform.

We’re committed to ensure every child has the opportunity to overcome maths anxiety as early as possible, that’s why we’ve made these stories free and accessible to absolutely everyone; subscribers and non-subscribers!

Behind the Scenes…

1. The writing begins!
2. Arrive at Wardour Studios!
3. Recording with Small Wardour LTD.
4. From sketches to animation!
6. Watch, listen and enjoy!

Each 10-minute story incorporates a different growth mindset, with the aim to develop children’s confidence and resilience, setting them up for success in maths, and in life more generally.

Exploring themes such as practising little and often, teamwork, asking for help, stepping out of your comfort zone, and overcoming fears, the NumBots Scrapheap Stories can help to start conversations about healthy attitudes and positive mindsets.

At the end of each story, Rusty is on-hand to ask the little listeners a set of thought-provoking questions about the stories. This way, you can continue the conversation, or simply reinforce the message of the story.

Once the questions are finished, enjoy the creative activity set by Rusty. You can download each story’s activity and the transcript for each story should you wish to read them yourself! To access the resources, head HERE and select your chosen story.

The Feedback…

Miss Harding, Swallowfield Primary School:

You’ll have children that struggle with maths - it might not initially come to them as easily as it does to other children, but listening to stories does. So it’s a way of getting a child that struggles with maths engaged, but through a different avenue.

Swallowfield Primary School is LOVING NumBots Scrapheap Stories. See their reactions to the stories…

Bruno Reddy, CEO:

At Maths Circle, our core purpose is to make children feel confident with maths.
As a parent and ex-teacher, I know that when you tap into a child’s imagination, amazing things can happen. I also know that sadly, a barrier to this can be a lack of confidence in their own ability.
That’s why we’ve created NumBots Audio Stories and accompanying activities, all centred around the theme of growth mindset and resilience, to inspire confidence - not just in maths, but in all areas of development.

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